Why One Should Own A Explorra School of Design & Technology Franchise?

Why One Should Own A Explorra School of Design & Technology Franchise?

Owning a franchise of a reputed brand is always a smart move than starting your own business in today’s tough market situation. By having a franchise of an already established brand, you could have all the advantages of being an entrepreneur with the resources of a bigger brand. One such opportunity is to have Explorra School of Design & Technology’s franchise that gives 10X ROI in 5 years.

Explorra School of Design & Technology was started in 1999 with a mission to bridge the between human creativity and design by providing state-of-the-art courses in digital media, Animation, UI-UX, and 3D printing. Explorra School offers pathways programs both at graduation and post-graduation level. The institute is the recipient of the “Shiksha Bharti Puraskar” and “Education Excellence Award” for 100% placement record and industry-rated best curriculum and teaching practices.

Mentioned below are three reasons why Explorra School of Design & Technology is the right choice for a business opportunity:


  1. Impressive Revenue:

Explorra School of Design & Technology is a design institute that command goodwill in society for the last 23 years. It is a steady income opportunity with a high potential to earn a profit. It is one of those unique opportunities where the investment required is less and the returns earned are plenty. Who doesn’t love impressive returns!

  1. Demand

Today, the demand for UI/UX designers is more than ever. Pathway programs are gaining importance among students as pathway programs are the perfect way to develop necessary skills and know beforehand their follow classmates before moving to a foreign land. The demand for a pathway program and digital design will always be present no matter what the market conditions are. This is one of the leading reasons why a franchise like the Explorra School of Design & Technology is the best opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in.

  1. Guidance at Every Step

Complete support and guidance are provided to investors to help them at every step of their journey. Also, everything is managed by Head Office so that you have sufficient time and energy towards creating a center providing quality education. As support is provided and everything is managed from the Head Office, the chances of errors and mistakes are low.


The basic requirement to start franchise of Explorra School of Design & Technology are:

  • Space of 2500 – 3000 sq. ft.
  • Investment of 50 – 60 Lacs.
  • Willingness and enthusiasm to succeed

For Explorra School of Design & Technology Franchise call on 7069043000

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