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Program Overview

The Explorra’s Advanced Analytics and Data Sciences Program helps as the technical head on a data analytics squad and delivers students a hands-on data sciences and analytics experience necessary to make critical and crucial business decisions based on data and this 6-months course features a unique mixture of theory and creating a wonderful platform for “industry-institute interface” knowledge delivered through firsthand immersive learning experience with lectures, lab work, daily algorithmic and programming assignments and capstone projects. Industry experts and renowned thought leaders with exciting Data sciences industry background. The Advanced Analytics and Data Sciences Program delivers industry experience and helpsin the creating stepping stone for an exciting and rewarding career.

“AI is a tribute to human intelligence power. At every step of history, India has led the world in knowledge and learning.” – Narendra Modi

“AI has the potential to add US$957 billion, or 15 percent of India’s current gross value in 2035. The combination of the technology, data and talent that make intelligent systems possible has reached critical mass, driving extraordinary growth in AI investment. – Accenture

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Imagine new and valuable uses for large datasets;
  • Retrieve, organize, combine, clean, and store data from multiple sources;
  • Apply appropriate data mining, statistical analysis, machine learning, and deep learning techniques to detect patterns and make predictions;
  • Design visualizations and effectively communicate findings; and
  • Understand the ethical and legal requirements of data privacy and security
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Program Benefits


Develop a working knowledge of data sourcing and data enrichment aimed at adding value to business data.


This will include data mining and interference algo-rithms (Classification. Clustering, regression. Al, NN, Association Rules. Decision Trees, Genetic Algorithm, Nearest neighbor method , Graph Topology, etc.).,


Improve business analytics through the application of appropriate methods.


This requires coding knowledge of Python and R, took for data orchestration across EMR, Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Apache Spark, Map Reduce, Hadoop), Shell. Scripting and Web Technologies/API’s


Practice with hands-on statistical tests, distributions and likelihood estimators grounded in business needs.


This emphasizes the use of statistics to explore large datasets, run experiments to test statistical behavior,


Apply experimental design and machine learning techniques to real-world industry scenarios.


Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement learning using Python and R will help you to equip yourself to start building ML projects.


Gain expertise working with dashboard and visualiza-tion software and communicating data effectively across the business organization.


Data visualization unlocks the potential to give your data a completely new meaning and revealing some hidden trends & information which otherwise would go unnoticed.


PGD with the certificate of excellence in Data Sciences and earn Explorra – AppStek alumni benefits


PGD aimed at creating the next generation Analyst and Data Scientist.

Program Highlights

Research Paper

Individual Project


Group Discussions

Cutting Edge Curriculum

Globally benchmarked curriculum which is updated dynamically with cutting edge courses to make students market ready

Academics and Industrial faculty

Academics professors, Industrial Experts, and international faculty along with renowned full time faculty gives you global perspectives and unparalleled learning.

Research and Innovations

AppsTek support for research activity is not bound by the methodology of single activity but characterized by an omni-disciplinary approach

Industry Interaction

Central location in Mumbai gives access to a large set of diversified industry leaders which enriches the program learning with perspectives from CXOs & thought leaders and helps develop valuable professional relationships.


The intermodular webinars provide participants with additional frameworks and tools from faculty, as well as 1-1 coaching on the projects they work upon.

Learning Methodology

The Advanced Analytics and Data Sciences Program offers the greatest learning outcome through its unique ble¬¬nd of theory and creating a wonderful platform for “industry-institute interface”. The whole curriculum is designed around providing the participants of the program a real hands-on experience by focusing on case-based teaching, involving the participants in research and innovation along with in-depth knowledge in hardware, setup systems, OS concepts blended with domain knowledge – BPM, SCM, CRM, KPAs’, KPIs’ etc. These learnings combined with group exercises and discussions and “hackathons” and guest speakers and learn from the industry leaders and companies that are changing the era of data sciences.

Learning Curve

Kavish Patel
Priyanka Nayak
Parth Soni
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