Explorra and its international pathway program in the UK

Explorra and its international pathway program in the UK

Are you interested in studying digital design in the UK but have no idea how to do it? Your mind must be having n number of questions, and you must have gotten confused by the results that you had got while searching about it on Google.
If this thing applies to you then this blog is for you…
Pathway programs are the best options in today’s time as they are more affordable and are formulated in a way that helps students meet all the requirements of entering a bachelor’s or master’s degree program at universities. The pathway programs prepare students to face the challenges of living and studying abroad. With a pathway program in Digital Design, you can study for the first year in India and then two years in the UK.
There is no doubt that the UK is multicultural land, and you can find many Indian people living there. Also, the UK is the second most popular destination for overseas students in the world. The campuses at universities are bustling with students from diverse cultures. It allows getting along with people from around the world and learning so much more than just what you are studying in your degree.
Explorra School of Design & Technology’s pathway programs offers not only academic- technical knowledge. But also crucial skills to meet the entry-level requirements of an international college or university.


The major highlights of Explorra School of Design & Technology’s international pathway program are

  • India’s only Partnership Pathway Program
  • International Curriculum (Extensive in depth hands-on learning ‘Job oriented’)
  • Higher National Diploma and then Bachelor’s Degree shall be awarded to successful students
  • International exposure, to study and work with students from across the world
  • Opportunity to explore career & life in UK


Explorra School of Design & Technology has partnered with City of Glasgow College to offer pathway program in Digital Design & 3D Animation for the first time in India.

City of Glasgow College is one of the largest technical and professional skills colleges. Its award-winning- twin-site super campus in the heart of Glasgow offers outstanding resources and opportunities for students to gain essential skills for their future careers. The college has innovative teaching and learning approaches to make students future-ready. Every year, almost 8,000 students; graduate leave the college each year ready for the world of work.


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