What Does a UX Designer Do?

What Does a UX Designer Do?

Just think about the last time you used a map app for navigation in a new city. Were you able to reach your destination without encountering any problems while using the app? How easy was it? How did it make you feel? This is where UX designer plays a crucial role. The main goal of a UX (user experience) designer is to enhance the interaction between human beings and products. The product can be anything – a smartwatch, a website, or a mobile app. An interaction with a physical product like a toy also gives you a user experience.

A UX Designer is the one who is responsible for researching, designing, and implementing all user experiences. Don Norman, a cognitive psychologist, and designer coined the term “user experience” in his 1988 book The Design of Everyday Things. Norman became the first official user experience architect during his time at Apple in the 1990s.

In simple words, UX designer focuses on 2Ws- Why and What and 1H- How of a product. Here why means the encouragement or motivation to adopt the product and the value addition it will bring to the user. The “what” factor means the task that a user can do with a product? Last but not least – how? It means the design of functionality in an accessible and aesthetically easy way. UX designer needs to begin first with the “Why” before deciding on the “What” and finally the “How” to create products. In a nutshell, we can say UX design is a user-centered design.

UX designer is one of the sought-after profiles and its demand is bound to increase only. CNN ranked it fourteenth in their top 100 jobs list, stating that the number of UX design positions is likely to rise by 18% by 2028.

To be a successful UX designer, you need to know technical know-how. You can enroll yourself in a practical based UX design course. One such Institute offering courses in UI-UX design is the Explorra School of Design & Technology.

Explorra School of Design & Technology is one of the pioneer institutes in India, offering courses in digital design, Animation, UI-UX, and 3D printing since 1999. The institute is the recipient of the “Shiksha Bharti Puraskar” and “Education Excellence Award” for 100% placement record and industry-rated best curriculum and teaching practices. Explorra schools also offer pathways programs; both at graduation and post-graduation levels in Animation, VFX, UI/UX, and Graphic Design.

The benefits of enrolling in Explorra School of Design and Technology pathway programs are:


  • International Curriculum (Extensive in depth hands-on learning ‘Job oriented’)
  • Higher National Diploma and then Bachelor’s Degree shall be awarded to successful students
  • Learning from Best Academic-Industry Professional in India and UK
  • International exposure, to study and work with students from across the world
  • International Work Experience, opportunity to work with the best companies
  • Top Earning Opportunity – start with international pay scale
  • Opportunity to explore career & life in UK or Canada



For more information, you can visit explorra.pathwayprogram

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