Advantages of Doing Digital Design & Emerging Tech Course in Canada

Advantages of Doing Digital Design & Emerging Tech Course in Canada

Each country has something unique to offer, be it cultural-wise or education-wise. If you want to study Digital Design abroad, there are numerous opportunities. But, the problem is which one to choose among so many opportunities. And there will be millions of things that will come to your mind while making this decision.

One of the best opportunities to study abroad is to opt for a pathway program. It is always a good idea to go for pathway programs as it allows you to study the first year in your own country before moving to a foreign country and upskill during a period of uncertainty. The pathway programs give an opportunity to know your classmates beforehand so that you are not alone in a new country.

Canada has become an ideal country to study digital design and is sought by many prospective students across the globe. Also, a recent educational strategy set by the Canadian Ministry of Education stresses on increasing the number of foreign students.

Canada is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse countries. So, you will be encircled by an enormous multicultural environment, both in college and in the neighbourhood. This is an awesome advantage to easily adapt to an altogether new environment.

Are you confused about choosing colleges in Canada? Read on…

Explorra School of Design & Technology is India’s first and only Institute that offers; International Bachelor’s Pathway Program in Design & Digital Media in Canada. Explorra School of Design & Technology has partnered with Red River College of Applied Arts, Science, and Technology, located in Winnipeg’s city centre. Red River College Polytechnic has eight campuses across Manitoba, including several located in rural communities. The Red River College is 75 years old Government-run institute. It is one of Manitoba’s largest institutes of applied learning, having ten campuses across Manitoba.

The major highlights of Explorra School of Design & Technology’s international pathway program are

  • India’s only Partnership Pathway Program
  • Post Study up to 3 years’ work permit
  • Opportunity for PR under PNP
  • Upto 90% Education Loan
  • Superior Career and Life in Canada

Still confused? Visit Explorra School of Design & Technology or call us on 9328246248 and let our experts help you.

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