Do you know that eight out of ten startups fail within three years? That means an 80% failure rate, which is too high to think of! The main reason for this is that the product is not needed by the end users. The idea can be a million dollar one but when, it cannot please the end users then it’s of no value.

It’s hard to know what people want. Who would have guessed the smiley sponge ball would be such a hit?

Every startup needs to empathize before starting. This is where Design Thinking comes into picture. Most of the Startups have preconceived notion that Design Thinking is for designers only, that is not true. Design thinking is for everyone who is determined to solve problems or challenges.

Design Thinking can help in looking at the things from the end-user’s perspective that can help you re-think your products and come up with the best version of it.

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