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The Clinic approach helps in the holistic Diagnosis of situations, challenges, and possibilities. From there on, we generate an inclusive Prescription through an iterative method using the latest tools, techniques and business approaches so that multiple solutions can be found in a tangible timeframe. This program is
conducted in a workshop mode and promotes an indigenously developed framework of creative and critical thinking, solving participants’ real-life problems & challenges

Explorra’s Future Leader Program focuses on developing leadership skills and aptitude amongst organizational employees. We firmly believe everyone has the potential for leadership at some level or
other. FLP is offered in a customized format orienting the content to best serve the purposes of the organization. We specialize in handholding through the program till desired tangible outcomes are achieved

Fun Friday is designed to help organizations build innovation & problem solving capabilities through camaraderie and belongingness amongst their employees. The workshop mode encourages participants to proactively identify, analyze and resolve range of their workplace opportunities and challenges; through interesting activities and scientific concepts delivered in a light environment – essential on a Friday afternoon.

Problem Solving – The Design Thinking Way

No business can exist without customers. A customer is the focal point of any organization. In the world in which we live, everything is going digital. We can say that the world is shrinking, but the competition is expanding. Companies are toiling hard to sustain themselves or stand out from the rest of their competitors.

Design Thinking is one strategy that can help organisations survive, progress, or compete effectively with their rivals. Design Thinking is a customer-focused strategy that is human-centric. It is centred on gaining a thorough understanding of the needs of the end-users for whom businesses produce goods or provide services.  Read More…

Problem Solving Design Thinking | Explorra Consulting
Shiksha Bharati Puraskar | Explorra Consulting

About Explorra Consulting

Explorra is India’s premier design, digital media, and emerging technology organization, serving corporate, government, higher education, and K–12 school education sectors.

Explorra is the recipient of the prestigious “Shiksha Bharti Puraskar” for providing training and placement to 100,000+ students and professionals over the last two decades and the “Indian Leadership Award for Education Excellence,” which recognises industry-rated best curriculum and courses apt for 21st-century needs.

The passion for Design Education and Design Led Innovation, has led Explorra to explore the field of Design Thinking and led to the birth of Explorra Consulting.

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a human-centric approach to problem solving. With growing competition and today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) environment, Design Thinking has become a source of inspiration in the pursuit of innovation.

Design Thinking is an iterative process based on arriving at a solution that includes involvement of all stakeholders, understanding user issues, defining the problem, challenging assumptions, and testing solutions. It is a way of thinking and working, as well as a collection of hands-on methods.

Design thinking led Innovation can encourage people to seek knowledge to come up with optimal solutions to a problem. With design-led innovation, an effective learning environment can be created, which can help organisations to gain new skill sets, remain up-to-date, and make the organisation a lot more productive.

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Human Centric problem solving | Innovation | Explorra Consulting

Explorra Design Clinic Approach

Explorra Consulting’s Design Clinic Approach is a way of involving each and every stakeholder in the whole process of solving a problem or coming up with an innovation. The Design Clinic Approach encourages thinking outside the box in order to understand and resolve the given challenge at hand. It allows one to move from one stage of understanding in which ideas are explored to another stage of experimentation in which trials of new things are done to see if they work, and finally to express ideas by showing them to others.

The objective is to apply this strategy to overcome difficulties in achieving desired results, because it is a solution-oriented approach rather than a problem-oriented approach. This design-driven approach is coupled with a strong strategy and technological capability to create economic potential and consumer satisfaction. Everything from systemic thinking and creativity to intuition and logic is used to identify the best answers.

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