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Gone are the days when education was more about just bookish knowledge. The world is undergoing rapid changes in the knowledge landscape. With a rapidly changing employment landscape and global ecosystem, there is a need for innovation in colleges or universities. Students need to be taught in a manner that they develop an attitude to learning and learn customer-centric problem solving techniques. One of the most innovative techniques to make students future-ready and be thought leaders is Design Thinking. With Design Thinking, students can be motivated to explore, experiment, and express (ideas).

Through the use of Design Thinking, students will be equipped with the mindset, skills, and tools to think and produce innovative solutions. This will help them in developing the following components:

Design Thinking in Education for Colleges and Universities

Education needs to proceed towards less content, and more towards how to think critically and solve problems. In today’s time, students need to be creative, multidisciplinary, innovative, adaptive, and absorber of new concepts.

Design thinking is very crucial for students as they need to bridge the gap between academic and practical applications so that they are able to survive in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment.

Glimpse of Recent Design Thinking (DT) & Design Driven Innovation Academic Interventions

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