Our Success Stories

Investigating the role and impact of innovation and design thinking in an Automobile Two Wheeler Manufacturing Giant of India.

How Design Thinking Led Innovation fostered and supported in providing tangible solutions to strategic as well as tactical problems and possibilities faced by employees and stakeholders of the organization.

Implementing Design Thinking Approach to integrate user-centricity to ensure that the visual language is developed through co-creation and inclusive processes.

Can Design Thinking help a consulting firm improve visual communication for a generation that is becoming more picky about its online and offline consumption and contextual across many screens? We believe it can!

Inculcating Design Thinking in an automobile company to instill innovation in the DNA of the organisation so as to bring agility and dynamism.

This case study is about how the Design Thinking Approach helped an automobile company with the ambition to grow continually and create an innovation programme for its employees, i.e., creating startups within the organisation to promote innovation and disruptive thinking.

Applying the Design Thinking Approach in a Government organisation for smooth working of the four divisions and varied functions.

Do you still doubt how the Design Thinking Approach can help government organisations solve problems? Read this to know how a Government organisation created a six-month road map with the help of Design Thinking Approach.

Dealing with the pressing problems in the mostly unorganised Indian retail sector with the help of a human-centric approach of Design Thinking

How the Design Thinking Approach helped in creating a solution that could change how local retailers operate and source their stock replenishment supplies by creating a B2B platform that Indian neighbourhood shops could use to place orders.

Have a car problem? Help is on the way and will connect vehicle owners with nearby garages by applying the Design Thinking Approach!

How Design Thinking Approach played a pivotal role in developing and marketing an app that provides vehicle owners an opportunity to connect with nearby garages for service at their convenience, both in terms of time and place.

Applying Design Thinking Approach to connect riders with taxi services with much more ease that will benefit both stakeholders.

The online taxi service market in India is expanding, especially in metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangaluru, etc. But the question is how to provide equal value to the essential stakeholders, such as drivers and riders in the cab aggregator market. This short case study is about the implementation of the Design Thinking Approach in providing unique experiences.

Using a Design Thinking Approach to Redesign a Government Organization Institution for E-Governance Initiatives

Let’s read how Design Thinking acted as an aid in revamping an institution that would assist government bodies in e-governance initiatives to improve services to citizens, businesses, and all sections of society.