Explorra‘s Design Clinic Approach

Explorra Consulting’s Design Clinic Approach is a way of involving each and every stakeholder in the whole process of solving a problem or coming up with an innovation. The Design Clinic Approach encourages thinking outside the box in order to understand and resolve the given challenge at hand. It allows one to move from one stage of understanding in which ideas are explored to another stage of experimentation in which trials of new things are done to see if they work, and to express ideas by showing them to others. Finally, depending on the feedback, it’s time to either reflect on those ideas for a finishing touch or inspire decision-makers to implement them.

The objective is to apply this strategy to overcome difficulties in achieving desired results, because it is a solution-oriented approach rather than a problem-oriented approach. This design-driven approach is coupled with a strong strategy and technological capability to create economic potential and consumer satisfaction. Everything from systemic thinking and creativity to intuition and logic is used to identify the best answers.

In the face of quickly evolving customers, supply chains, and hypercompetition, it is seen as a source of competitive advantage, a method of managing organisational change, and a solution to “wicked” problems.

Under the Guidance of Dr. Rohit Swaroop, the founder of Explorra Consulting, an expert team of trainers strives to achieve an ideal balance between academic teaching and practical experience. Explorra Consulting constantly strives to achieve excellence by involving seasoned and exceptional experts who are skilled at incorporating Design Clinic Approach into their workshops.

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