Top 5 benefits of an International Pathway Program to build a career in Design

Top 5 benefits of an International Pathway Program to build a career in Design

Have you ever been on a travel expedition and sadly lost the way or ended up on unplanned destinations due to a lack of appropriate road signs?

Yes, Google Maps is a savior but not always.

The point here is that when the trail is evident, reaching the destination becomes easier. This is exactly what a Pathway Program offers!

It is, in other words, a designated route designed for students opting for international education. It helps them prepare and complete their qualifications in their choice of subject areas and pursue their dream careers.

Talking of an overseas career in design, career pathway programs can be significantly beneficial in stimulating students and strengthening their basics before they even move ahead with their studies abroad.

At Explorra, we have strategically curated pathway programs offering design courses in the UK as well as design programs in Canada in partnership with topmost colleges like Red River College, Canada and City of Glasgow College, UK.

A design pathway program offers a range of Graphic Design courses as well as courses in Web Design, courses in Animation, VFX and more. Let us understand the structure of the Pathway Program before moving to its benefits.

Phase 1: Enroll at Explorra

Embarkment of your journey to a progressive life begins with your enrollment at any of Explorra’s campuses i.e. Ahmedabad or Mumbai.

Making a career choice is the most daunting task and we know it. Hence, we precisely consider your educational background, strengths, abilities and weaknesses right at the time of registration.

Phase 2:  Choose your Program

Upon completion of the registration process, we conduct personalized counseling sessions to help you with your decision of applying to the associate college in the choice of design courses in the UK or Canada. Based on your requirements and interest at this stage, you can choose from the following three options:

Phase 3: Study at Explorra campus in 1st year to prepare for overseas education 

For one full year, we instill the basics of design within our curriculum to make students well-equipped with the required knowledge. Understanding design, tools, technology and participating in collaborative events i.e. Chitrakatha at NID (National Institute of Design), we have a well-planned program to inspire our enthusiasts.

Phase 4: Escalate to a partner overseas college and master your skills

The most striking advantage of Explorra’s Pathway Programs is that every associate college is located in the creative hubs of the world. Students benefit from guidance and mentorship with the industry experts while preparing for post-study work.

Phase 5: Avail career & settling opportunities

A qualification that cannot lead to establishing a promising career in design is an absolute waste. Having said that, our programs are designed while keeping career opportunities at the nucleus. Sophomores can apply for post-work-study work permits upon successful completion.

There are plenty of benefits of our Pathway Program, here is the breakdown:

Smoothen the journey

Pathway programs are designed to offer academic knowledge as well as skills to meet the entry-level requirements of an international college or university. Often students preparing independently find this most onerous and misleading.

Pathway Programs save you from this extraneous work so that you can utilize your time in honing your skills. This, in turn, makes your journey simpler and the probability of successful completion is higher than struggling individually.

Adaptation is easier

Changing your environment overnight is challenging. No prior prodding or stimulation makes adaptation a lot more difficult.

A consciously formulated program such as a Pathway Program helps aspirants to grid up one’s loins for the unknown challenges that they may face in an unfamiliar environment such as language barriers, cultural barriers, etc.

Develop required skills

Learning design is no child’s play. There are so many fundamentals that are inevitable to assimilate prior to taking a leap into a different country altogether.

For any student of design, there are certain tools and terminologies that they should be well-versed with in order to advance to their further qualifications in a college overseas.

During the first year at Explorra, students are extensively exposed to various software and programs to inculcate in them the staples of design.


We understand that pursuing a design career in Canada or the UK can dig deep into your pockets. Hence, we designed these programs in the most cost-effective manner that has resulted in higher completion rates ensuring the accomplishment of your goals.

On-going assistance

The process of foreign education is complicated. Students often encounter various degrees of difficulty.

Another significant benefit of such a program is continual support and guidance at each and every step whether you are in your home country or at your chosen overseas destination college. It further aids in smooth functioning of your program and towards the attainment of overall goals.


Education at present-day has evolved and so is the way millennials pursue it. Students are continuously breaking the geographical blockade and advancing for education in the most promising corners of the world. In such a scenario, a Pathway Program proves to be a blessing for students ambitious for a career overseas. If you are eager for a Career in Design in Canada or the UK, then fill up the enrollment form for Canada or the UK to head on to the pathway for success.

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