Red River Collage Canada Testimonials

priyanka nayak1

I takes me immense pleasure to say that I am an Explorra alumni. The pathway program provided by Explorra to RRC is truly an amazing opportunity for the students. The courses offered develop and hone our skills so that we can choose a career that we love. The faculty at Explorra and RRC is super supportive and always ready to help us. My experience has been delightful at both the educational institutions.  I learned valuable skillsets that have helped me pave a path for myself in the animation industry. I am truly grateful to have been given this wonderful opportunity.

Ms. Priyanka

” Explorra had played one of the key roles in channelizing my career path. I still remember when I visited Explorra unknown of my potential, I was aspiring to be something else and after a year spent in Explorra, it change my way of thinking, my process of working, and many more things. I was never that clear in my life before for my future. Because of that I got opportunities to work with many experienced people and reputed brands and it was a great opportunity for me to gain knowledge. I am thankful especially to Explorra Senior Management & Faculty members to show me the path and lift me when I was stuck. I am very grateful to Explorra.”

Mr. Parth Soni

parth soni3

I would like to say that Explorra is a great place for learning and achieving dreams. The amazing education, guidance and counselling that i received helped me to gain confidence and make it through the course and eventually land a job in my field of expertise. I would like to thank Explorra for assisting me in my journey from India to Canada. Thank you once again to the entire team of Explorra.

Ms. Krina Shah

Since day one Explorra has been positive about the whole course. All the faculties and staff has been a great support towards going ahead for second year in Canada, The pathway program is one in its kind not only it gives you chance to explore but explore at one the best colleges in Canada, talking about Second year at RRC the faculties here are amazing and not only they are best also they always are welcoming and positive about any queries or doubts you take to them, I am thankful to Explorra team because of them I got such wonderful opportunity of being part of Explorra and the RRC pathway program.

Mr. Kavish Patel

kavish patel1
swapnil parmar1

Explorra has been one of the most dynamic institution in country for 20 years now. the institute is always trying to help students explore their passion and broaden their horizons. that’s why the name Explorra is very fitting.
My experience with Explorra was amazing. it was always my dream to live in another country and experience other cultures and work with different people. By enrolling in to Red River college pathway program Explorra helped me achieve that dream. i will always be thankful for that.
All the teachers have always been helpful with teaching new skills and giving constructive feedback. i enjoyed my time alot at the Explorra.
and i wish the best of luck to every future student of Explorra. Hope you all follow your dreams and achieve your goals.

Mr. Swapnil Parmar

  • This is the starting of my design journey  and starting is always confusing and hard but Explorra team, when I met them they gave me well advice as much I needed never  hesitate, and it’s necessary because  design is not a just software skill it’s an art and passion which  no need any  software and technology, it will just explore by itself, and what is teaching in Explorra they explore us
  • it is exactly like a school but  with a slang Skool here they teach us art with the present tricks and design fundamentals,  anyone can use software but they teach us designs,  Professors are great  and experienced here,
  • Sunder sir he is a good professor to teach software and always keen to explore creativity and design, also during my study time I have been through different classes by professional NID  professors and that was a best movement in my life  have learned a lot of designing skills from Faculty members, they thought what is an art, who is an artist and like an open book never hesitate to teach their own skills even try to make the student a better than him, like in this period gurus are afraid to teach their personal skills to students but Explorra faculty are not alike that are like an open book, I spent very less time with them, I wish I could more,
  • I had a great experience here to study to learn and to Xplore myself as a designer.

    Mr. Meet Shah