At Explorra we say we don’t teach software we teach the application of the software i.e. the end product that can be made using the software. Everything that we do at Explorra is driven by the industry at the centre, here is a brief preview of the same.


Our course is designed based on industries requirements of a Multimedia professionals i.e. our course design covers Faculty:Our faculties are not just Academic experts they are a combination of Academic experts as well as Industry professionals i.e. people complete with both theoretical as well as hands on experience of industry.


We have session duration of 1 hr. 30 minutes each for theory and the same for practice which we feel is a must for the right mix of Theory & Practice that industry requires to cover for each software which brings out the best result. The amount of content that can be passed onto the students effectively is also kept in mind.


As mentioned above we emphasize a lot on practice sessions where in, students are encouraged to practice within the institute premises only so that they can work in an industry based environment with 1 person on one computer.


Assignments form the back bone of the entire training at XDS, there are at least over 25-40 assignments that a person has to finish during the program. These assignments are specific industry end products that the students have to design using the software that they have learnt.


Learning using tutorials has been recognized as one of the best methods of learning after one is sound with the theory and before one tries out actual implementation, this helps one to understand how industry experts have worked upon the same application using their concept. We have a strong in-house tutorial library.


Students get to do over 6 ~ 10 projects in the Career program which are Industrial project either from the domestic or international market which the students can accomplish at Site or within the institute premises.


The latest in technology is brought in after a strong study from all across the Industry i.e. the ones in vogue are brought in while the ones that have become obsolete are eliminated from the curriculum which gets revised every 3 months. Special attention is also given to the kind of software being in practice in the Domestic as well as in the International Market as well as industry wise usage and application of software is considered too.


The Career program is designed keeping the length of the software life in view i.e. how quickly does that category of software version get revised, on the basis non of our programs are over 15 months duration. For the programs longer than 15 months the first i.e. initial tenure covers the contemporary designs skills while the day the software programs begin we plan them to be over within months tenure at a max. “The only Multimedia Education Company to have a Vocational Status.” Vocational Status Defined: Any company that places/gives a career / a job to more than 80% of its students is termed as a company having vocational status.

This status is granted by a lawyer after studying our placement record and is updates on a day to day basis for all our centres across the county. It is thus our privilege and we feel proud of the fact that we do not have to go proving or showing our Placement