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seeking answers for the ever changing world order –
developing innovative solutions,
that lead to a holistic development of an individual,
with an intent to enrich the very fabric of the world


to provide Futurz Xplored (Fx) education to 80% children in the world
in the next 10 years, through both paid and philanthropic activities


to follow what we teach

Futurz Xplored (Fx)

‘Futurz Xplored’ (Fx) proposes an innovative holistic approach for educational needs of the 21st century. The approach stems from extensive global research spanning over the last decade through a study of 10000+ students and numerous seminars, workshops, meetings with stake holders of school, professional education and industry.

2 in 297 is the holistic development – 21st Century trails, and, Scholastic Excellence through developing design and scientific temperament, addressing both left – right brain
It has the learning lab to cultivate the 21st century traits and the workshops where hands-on learning by doing with material, medium and technology

9 297 are the 9 solutions that incorporate 9 New Age Education Building Blocks & Subjects, 9 Applications for Real Life & Innovation and 9 Soul of Subject & Real Life Skills

7 in 297 tells how is the task achieved using Process, Methods, Tools & Techniques, Glocal (Global best practices within local cultural centric creativity), Design Pedagogy, Child Development & Education Philosophies, Real Life Context, Learner Centric with specialized mentorship, Industry, Community, Peers, Family, Self Connect.

Thus the blend of 2, 9 and 7 results in traits among children that of purpose, Meaning, Relevance, Decision making, Problem Solving, Original Thinking, Scenario managing - Grasping, Flexibility & Adaptability, Connecting & Communicating and generating Bigger-Better-Self & Lifelong learners with a focus on Skill, Thinking, Attitude and through Joy of learning.

Glimpse of Research Finding and Reason d’être

The new millennium has come with its new set of requirements. The progression from agricultural age -> industrial age -> information age -> knowledge age seems to have taken another turn. The existing skill, thinking and attitude which were so apt for these ages do not seem to be working any more.

The residue of the gone ages has posed unique challenges and opportunities. Such as, the media explosion, pace of technological development, the ever morphing socio-cultural and socio-economic scenarios, the changing value and ethics landscape, ever increasing competition, and, a constant need to differentiate and add value all the time.
All these and many more global, local and situational demands upon our young - NEED to be addressed.

Education has always been the stepping stone to addressing the changing world order. World has long recognized the role that education plays in the thriving of and sustaining of nature, culture, economies, - individuals and nations, yet, today we are witnessing the greatest disconnect between education and real life, education and career, and, education and current-future world.
We are equipping our young with education of a different era and expecting them to deliver in this.

The problems identified are,

  • The current educational curriculum does not match the needs for the 21st century
  • Education is no longer fun – exciting - motivating
  • Education is expensive
  • Delivery of education is inefficient

Lots of educational institutions and companies have focused on solving the second, third and fourth problems. Very few have focused on the first. We are championing this very domain by looking at a range of innovative holistic solutions for students to address the needs of the 21st century.