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This education is very good. It gives us the confidence to bring out our feeling. It is really very cool. Bodily Expression gives us good thinking. The first thing I did was imagination & bring it out, so this assignment just gave us good thinking.
- Smriti Roy

Skill, Thinking & Attitude are the most useful things in drawing to making expression. I realized it after doing this assignment. I think that this assignment is very good for me. It taught me many new things like highlighting the parts from which expression can be seen easily. Design class is a very new experience for me. I learnt many new things non verbal communication. It is the best class for me.
- Sweta Shukla

I think after doing this assignment my skill, thinking and attitude will be improved. I find very interesting after doing this assignment. I learnt about expressions, observation, visualization, enthusiasm, cutting and gesture. I think the design class should go on and never end. I am happy from design classes if it is added in our timetable. I love this class.
- Shashwat Pandya

We enjoyed because I have learnt new actions of new animals and we also thought some new. We also learned attitude. Design is a class in which we learnt new ideas, new thinking and we enjoy.
- Ayush. P. Patel

I had the great experience about this theme. I increased my coloring skill. I learnt that we can also talk by giving any expression. I find this assignment special from any other assignment. I just enjoyed the design class.
- Shagun Sharma

I find the assignment very nice .I feel very good when I was doing it. It is very creative education and it talks about our skill.
- Neel Bakarania

In skill I learn that how to make by ourselves, in thinking how to think illogical question and in attitude how to be different from other. I have to say about Design 4 School that it is very good and interesting. (Questioning).
- Drashti N. Parekh (Grade 4)

 “My creativity enhanced as I could describe the uniqueness of my character. I develop writing skill as I could describe the characteristic of my own creation. I understood how to work hand on with material. (Communication).
Charmi (Grade 4)

Design 4 School is so good I have learned so many things like Thinking, Questioning and Visualization.
Neel (Grade 4)

“We learn from Design 4 School to do neat and clean work”.
- Mohammed Oves (Grade 5)

“I wanted to say that there are many children who do not get education. My wish is to get education to all the children. I pray to god I am very happy to study in this school because in this school there is Design Education. I have learned so many things. I am very happy”
- Mullajiwala Aman I Oves (Grade 5)

“I developed my Skill in terms of 2D & 3D and Attitude in term of Belongingness”. ( Visualization)
- Aayesha M. Vadnagarwala Oves (Grade 5)

“I like every Assignment of Design Education. I have interest in this and this is my favorite subject. Design 4 School is very interesting. We have learned to draw our school map and in that we have learn observation, Imagination & perfection. I think after doing this assignment I feel I am Better now.
- Namira F. Zaveri Oves (Grade 5)

I Love Design Education. I do in home also something new. In school when I have free time I do Design. I learn to do create something new every time.
- Jain Tanishq H. Oves (Grade 5)

I think Skill is something like perfection, Thinking is to think unique from others and Attitude is the importance that we give to something. Design education is very important for children because they learn to express their feeling, describe a very unique thing and show their creativity.
- Khushi A. Ahuja (Grade 6)

My skill has improved, first my skill thinking and attitude was bad everybody were teasing but now my skill thinking and attitude has improved no one teases me. I do not know how happy I am feeling. I like this assignment very well. If you will do this assignment you will also feel also happy. I say that design education is better I like everyone should have this type of design education.
- Mehul Rajput (Grade 5)

It is improving my coloring and everything that I could not do so it is very very good for me. I some time do this assignment at home also. Those children who could not do any drawing and coloring etc. can now do very very nicely because of design education School We also get freedom in design period.
- Diya Kalolia (Grade 5)

It was very interesting. I love it. We released importance of Evaluation.
- Vatsa Kala (Grade 5)

After going home my mother ask questions and I could answer the questions perfectly my mother said that your skill, thinking and attitude is improved. I like Design 4 School classes in this education it is fabulous
- Vishwa. K. Tajpwar  (Grade 5)

“I have realized the important of waste and how useful that can be. I have developed problem solving attitude. My creativity has enhanced as I could describe my charterers uniqueness. I have developed writing skill as I could describe characteristic of my own creation. I think I am better at Self expression, Verbal and non verbal communication.” - Agrawal Mahek S (Grade 5)

I feel I am better at expressing and articulation from memory. I am better at observation. My grasping power will increased. I can map and plot building and my home. I understood what is 2D & 3D. I get to see the top view of my school building without standing on the roof. I can map nay area on place where I am standing by visualizing like shop, mall or classroom in my school”.
- Maitri K. Kalathia (Grade 5)

From both assignments we learn how to visualize and from the assignment our thinking power increased. I liked Bodily expression because if any people ask us to draw family photo or mask then I can draw it. If anyone asks us to draw the map of our school, I can draw it.”
- Tithi R Patel (Grade 5)

“I learned how to visualize the things in this assignment. I learned how to draw expressions in our assignment. I liked bodily expression because we learned to draw expressions by making our mask. It was very good.”
- Swapnil B Patel (Grade 5)

We have understood lots of things by design education because we have done lots of assignment. We have given marks to our self for skill for proper work, thinking for how we think and attitude for how we behavior I like all the assignment. - Anushka Panjwani (Grade 6)

She says that “This assignment is very interesting. I recall my home to school. I enjoyed very much. I was moving home to school in my mind. In this assignment my mind changed. I was happy to do this assignment. I thought deeply and I did this assignment happily and focused my mind for the same. (Visualization)
- Yadav Ayushi V (Grade 6)

“I improved my observation power and now I can make road map. It has increased our thinking power and has started thinking small things. It has given us enthusiasm.
- Aishwariya Nair (Grade 6)

“My mind changed. I enjoyed different assignment. It helps us in daily needs. My Thinking power increased I know how to draw and color and I was enthusiastic too. I am eagerly waiting for this different assignment. I like design education very much. It helps us to know different things”.
- Anisha N. Lakhani (Grade 6)

My views about Skill are neatness, perfection & preciseness for Thinking memory, observation, creativity and communication and for Attitude is focus and enthusiasm are these things important in increasing our many inner talents. I found this very interesting and amazing. I want to say that Design education is the best. I love to learn many different things and to know and to understand them. It’s fun loving for me.
- Praachi P. Goswami (Grade 6)

The assignment was fantastic. I find many things new. This was one of the best ones. Design Education is very important for me. I loved it. This period is my favorite now. I think this period should be in every school. My Drawing is also very nice and I can show my talent on a paper too. D4S Rock!
- Kansara Zeenat I(Grade 6)

Design 4 School teaches us how to imagine the real things and draw on a paper, how to do the work with perfection in our assignment and by doing this our memory power will increase and I also learn how to highlight the assignment.
- Rusda I Beawarwala (Grade 6)

“I learn many things related to thinking, my thinking process increased. From now when some problem will come I will think about it.
Shan (Grade 6)

“We learn how to draw, how to make a mask and how to make a map. I liked visualization assignment because we drew all the things and places which were coming in the route of our home to school which made us to think good things and also drew a temple with the symbols. In future to visit friend’s house , to go office , when we want to travel, to go from one direction to another, to find a school, railway station, airport , bus stand ,residential society we can use the map and can also recognize it nicely”
- Jayswal Jaydeep (Grade 6)

“I learnt thinking, visualization and bodily expression. I liked Bodily Expression and visualization both the assignments. I thought a lot while making my favorite animal’s mask with an expression. I learnt many things while making map of home to school route. When we will be working in office it will be helpful in our projects and to go friend’s house.”
Akshay (Grade 6)

“While making favorite animal’s mask we remembered our favorite animal so our thinking and memory power increased. While making map we recalled whole route from home to school, the places of the buildings, where the temple comes etc. I liked the visualization assignment most because we come to know about the map symbols and our memory got more sharpen.” “In future it will be very useful especially when we are lost then I can draw the map of my home. It will be very useful when I will be giving any exams for job because in that exam visualization will be very useful.”
Taksh (Grade 6)

“From this subject we come to know about many new things. I liked the bodily expression assignment because I liked to make a mask of my face size and I also enjoyed the cutting of the mask. The learning from the design subject will be helpful in carrier making, to solve a puzzle, in office project, to make a map to guide a friend to come my home. This is also helpful in our studies and will be in our college. Now I can understand the map so it will be helpful I am going to any unknown place.”
- Punit D Limbhachiya (Grade 6)

“I learnt how to design, how to make a mask with the expression and different types of expressions. I also learn to draw the map in which I learnt how to draw a railway crossing with the help of symbols. I liked both the assignments because I learned many things from both the assignments.”
- Patei Keni (Grade 6)

”From 1st assignment we learned to make different types of mask From 2nd assignment I learned to make a map.. I thought many things and learned many things from both the assignments. By thinking something new we got confidence and we added that new ideas in our assignments.”
Arth (Grade 6)

I have learned the most important thing is that I learn to frame the map very beautifully and attractively. I have the now good skill, thinking of the rock, religious places and attitude. I have enjoyed these assignments very much and I love this education I have learn many things like thinking, drawing, coloring and many other things. I Love design 4 School very much.
- Shakh Abdul Kauyum(Grade 6)

“I like this subject we also enjoy doing this subject. From this we also learn many things and my confidence is also increasing because of this subject. I would wish that this subject never stop.
- Ishita J. Joshi (Grade 6)

“I think I have learned in understanding part of program is the information generating, creation, users of material, exploration, how to put idea together, express my idea by drawing. I have improved my concentration power”.
Drashti (Grade 7)

“We learnt how to represent our things which we have made. We learnt how to put different ideas in our lunch box, work neatly and make something unique. Design education is a very nice idea for children. If we get design education than we grow up to go to NID. If all the school get design education than it will be good for future India.
- Jain Nomita N. (Grade 7)

“I say that design education is new type of education. We can learn new information gathering, Ideations, Exploration, Visual Presentation, understanding a product form and function and how to come up with idea in a group”.
- Shekher R. Padshah (Grade 7)

“Many new things came from my mind like to create new thinking, to create our thoughts, to create our expressions, to create our world and to create more nice things. There is a change in my life like create your dreams and to make them come true, be a truthful person, to give respect to the elders and other many things.”
- Jinal A Prajapati (Grade 7)

“I learned so many things like to think the ideas and to make visual things. I learned how to make hundreds of words from one single word; like we have done from the “lunch box” topic we made hundreds of words from one word. TO DO something new in the daily life. To make the charts. So many things I have learned from Design.”
- Nehal K Lalwani (Grade 7)

“We are learning that do your own work without taking anyone’s help. In Future if we are going to any new school and at that time exhibition will be held and if anyone asks us what is exhibition? And what is the meaning of exhibition then we can tell our own experience.”
- Arpit K Pargi (Grade 7)

“I learned that what we need and what others need, we will understand it. And it will be used in future that I will understand what will other people like and doesn’t like and they can tell us to make it. I will use the learning outcome at anytime and anywhere to apply this project and it will tell us.”
- Druv A Shah (Grade 7)

“I learnt many things like we wrote more than 100 words using our mind and concentration and how to make and design the products. I can use in my life by, if I am an mechanical engineer, I can design car, bikes and can design whatever I want to design and I will help others also who needs help around us. I will use Design in my life respectively and do for it whatever I can do.”
- Anuj P Patel (Grade 7)

“I learned that there could be many words made from one word. I also learned that how people design new things and their method. I also learned the history of lunch box. I can use this method if I want to create something new which is never made. I also learned the proper way to interview the people, how our speech should be while interviewing the people.”
- Yashvi A Patel (Grade 7)

“This subject has made our thinking more powerful. I can use these things in future to design a product and it also helps us to help other people around us.
- Dinal s Patel (Grade 7)

“We learnt the thinking of ourselves and others. I learnt many things now from 1 word I can make 100 words. We can use these learning in business, jobs in future because it is so useful now. I think I will be successful in the future by attending this class. “
- Shiva Sigh (Grade 7)

“We learnt many new things about the design which we did not know it earlier. It was wonderful exhibition I liked every assignment from the exhibition. It reaches our mind very nicely. I can use the assignment in my real life for making the mind powerful as well as strechfull. I will do visualization from the assignment of the design. I liked the mind visualization very much because it makes our mind powerful.”
- Jay J Chaudhary (Grade 7)

“I have learned Information generating and structuring, Brain storming, How to express our idea, self motivation and visual representation.”
- Ruchi B. Chandak (Grade 8)

Think about the skill that while doing our project we did much good skill, idea and through we did many gatherings. Took every group members view. In thinking we made many things I found this project very interesting and I wish we get like this task again and again and this type of grouping make us understand our classmate as we did it for the first type & our experience was very pretty. In this project our Skill, Thinking & Attitude was a gorgeous and beautiful one, my idea, visual presentation increases and we learn analysis in group.
- I Sana Noorani (Grade 8)

This project was fascinating and exciting. It was a good experience working in a group and learns self motivation and learns to put the ideas. It was good and interesting. Design education is a teaching of theory and application in the design of product, services and environment. It encompasses various disciplined of design such as eg; industrial design, fashion design etc. the value and attitude which underline modern design school differs among the different design school.
- Doshi Saloni G. (Grade 8)

I think due to D4S we have increased our thinking power and explored in skill and attitude. My attitude is now changed. I must say this project was Superb! Our group members understood deeply the meaning of unity and group working Design Education is important according to me as we created new ideas and design to make our project Perfect!
- Qureshi Sumaiya (Grade 8)

This project was very fascinating and exciting. It was a good experience working in group and analyzing, mapping, gathering information and was fun. It was nice designing and modeling which can help us in future. Design Education is very important for the student which can help them in the fields of engineering and architecture. It is a very helpful thing which opens our idea and helps us to work calmly.
- Saiyed Safzan Ali M. (Grade 8)

“I have found this project very interesting and have learnt a lot from this project. We have done a lot of exploration and brainstorming. We have learnt to gather various information and thoughts and to motivate our own selves.
- Maitri A. Madia (Grade 9)

“This was the project of Ideation in which a school bus was chosen. It has many skills. In eagle bus they have swimming pool and LCD on the roof. But the tension of the person who is travelling he can go on the roof and relax himself. We have used great thinking of making model and used high attitude. Our project was found by individual people of our group.” This design education is the best in this state. We are lucky that we get that we got this type of education.
- Shaikh Tousif F. Raza (Grade 9)

This is my journey at Futurz Xplored, I learnt many assignments like bodily expression, imagination, communication, questioning, multi-sensory. I learnt many things from assignments; I love Futurz Xplred and would like to join it. Thank you!
- Purvanshi Kochar (Grade 4)