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VIP Guest to China

  • Our Founder Director Mr. Rohit Swarup was invited to the 2013 Luoyang – Silk Road International Creative Culture Forum & Exhibition to meet the Govt. officials & deliver a lecture on Creativity, Design & Innovation.
  • The Event saw individuals from US, Russia, Korea, Spain, Germany, Israel, Iran, Columbia and representation of local artists, entrepreneurs, govt. officials.

Special Meetings

  • Special meetings were arranged for our Director with Govt., top organizations, University & Schools in Beijing & Luoyang cities for development & proliferation of Design, Animation & Creative education in China.
  • Association was initiated for areas such as,

– Faculty development programs for Engineering & Tech.
– Vocational Education in Multimedia & Animation,
– Design & Creativity Programs for Schools
– Consulting for setting up of University & Center of Excellence

MOUs signed in China

  • Our Founder Directors Mr. Rohit Swarup & Mr. Ninad Shastri signed two MOUs in China and were appointed as Consultants for Guizhou Cultural International Communication Center.
  • Our Founder Mr. Rohit Swarup presented India Story for New Age Education & Employment oriented education for College students, Artists & Craftsmen at the Forum. The Forum saw representation of UNESCO, IVO, Chinese Govt. officials, and, officials from different countries. The presentation was rated as the “Best Presentation at the Forum”.
  • Mr. Liuyi Wang (Advisor, China Inter-Ministries Task Force) accepted to be on the Board of Advisors of our companies & trust.

The MOUs were signed for,

  1. Design Driven Innovation. We shall be training Faculty of Engineering & Management upon Design Driven Innovation, as well as, help them in setting up a Design Driven Innovation Lab.
  2. We shall also be launching our Futurz Xplored(Fx) subjects Design 4 School & Innovation 4 School at 10+ K12 schools in China.
  3. Employment oriented Multimedia programs whereby we shall be regularly training in batches of 100 students upon our (Xplora’s) unique employment oriented programs from April ‘14 onwards.
  4. Range of workshops shall be conducted and consulting provided to both province and organizations in China.

Presentation at the International Forum